The Hurdy Gurdy has a large collection of valves or tubes as known in America, ranging from early Marconi to Amerty and Mullard.

Mazda valve

Mazda valve

This collection is of particular interest to radio enthusiasts, but from brief time at the Hurdy Gurdy, we too have become lovers of the valve. For without it, we wouldn’t have our computers, our radios and all manner of items.

In 1903, De Forest came to the Martello Tower in Howth and on the 23rd of November successfully tested his self-restoring wireless detector – the first American to do so – he ran historic tests between Howth and Holyhead in a trial for the British Post Office. In 1904, the De Forest system won world recognition, as it was utilised by the London ‘Times’ war correspondent in reporting the Russo-Japanese War.

To be continued…

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