Bere Island

To see some pictures from my trip to Bere Island in August 2013 you can see more here…

Bere Island - Cloughland Martello Tower (65)

Cloughland Martello Tower, Bere Island

Arrival at Bere Island Sunday 4th August 2013 – includes my walk to the Standing Stone that is at the exact centre point of the Island. Also included are pics of the Ardagh Martello.

First day – Monday 5th August 2013 – I walked to Ardagh Martello Tower, Rerrin, Lonehort, the Wedge Tomb and then finished off with Cloughland Martello Tower before heading back to my bed and breakfast located near the Standing Stone.

Second day – Tuesday 6th August 2013 – I walked to the Heritage Centre to see the old schoolhouse and the Irish Lights Exhibition. Then I followed the Lighthouse Loop walk so I could encompass some military archaeology as well as the Lighthouse and then the two storey Signal Tower.

If you are interested in seeing some amazing architecture from the 1800’s in Ireland then visit Bere Island. If you want peace and quiet and a break from it all – then visit Bere Island.

A beautiful place full of heritage, fantastic scenery and amazing walks for those who fancy an easy ramble or the more hardy explorer. If you’d like to read more about the history and archaeological remains on Bere Island relating to the Martello Towers and the 19th century military sites read this brilliant blog.

Bere Island Follow the routes I took from this handy map & info sheet.

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